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Weird things dogs do

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Have you noticed your dog doing something strange?

Our dogs can keep us guessing with some of the things they do. Our vets answer 7 common questions about man's best friends' strange behaviours:

‘Why is my dog rubbing his bum on the floor?’

‘Bum scooting’ is a sign that your dog’s feeling itchy and uncomfortable. It could be because your dog has worms or full anal glands (a type of scent gland in your dog’s bottom.) But sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious, like a tumour. A trip to the vet will quickly get to the ‘bottom’ of the problem.

‘Why does my dog insist on smelling other dog’s bums?’

It takes us humans a long time to find out about someone new but dogs can learn a lot with one sniff. Powerful scent glands in your dog’s bottom can give a new dog lots of information about them, like if they’re a boy or a girl, what they’ve been eating and how they’re feeling

‘Why do my dogs all sleep in a pile?’

This is a sign that your dogs feel bonded and part of a pack. Sleeping like this makes them all feel comfortable and safe. If your dog is the only hound in the house, you might notice them curling up close to you for the same feeling of security.

‘My dog’s been neutered…so why is she humping other dogs?’

‘Humping’ isn’t just about making puppies. It can also be a sign of excitement and it’s likely that your dog just wants to play. Neutering might not stop your dog from all types of ‘humping’ but there are loads of other ways it benefits your dog.

‘Why does my dog sing along to the TV?’

Have you noticed that your dog howls along to the theme music of a TV show? It’s probably not because his favourite show has come on but because of the frequency and pitch of the music. It’s just hitting his buttons!

‘Help! Why’s my dog eating poo?’

The thought of eating poo might turn our stomachs but dogs aren’t as fussed. To them, eating poo is a great way of getting extra nutrients that are missing from their day-to-day food. If your dog often eats poo, have a chat to your vet about it.

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